Tamworth Public School

Excellence in Primary Education

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About our school

Our school enjoys the support of parents and students working to develop a learning community providing a correct balance between maintaining traditional values while keeping pace with technology and social change.

Survey results indicate students enjoy their time in their school and parents feel welcome and valued. Care, Courtesy and Consideration is the school's statement of purpose which underpins the relationship we encourage between students, parents, staff and the wider community. Our parents have made an outstanding contribution in the grounds to improve student comfort and safety. This effort has been complimented by the staff through their focus on anti-bullying and equity and providing a more stimulating playground environment.

Houses for School Sports 

Students are each allocated a sports house.  During athletics carnivals, swimming carnivals and throughout the year students are allocated house points.  This gives each student a chance to work together to a common goal with peers from different years and abilities.

School Houses are: